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No Comments on In Which Cases Is It Most Likely That You Will Need to Have Your Windshield Replaced?

There are several cases when you may need to replace your car’s windshield. Today, we are going to focus on a few of them which occur more often than others. If you are curious to find out when windshield replacement is really needed, you’d better read this post to its very end!

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No Comments on Don’t Let Your Car Spoil Your Vacation

If you are planning to go on vacation this summer, you need to prepare your car for the road. There are many things you can check in the garage before hitting the road, however there are some other issues and problems that can happen while you are already on your way and you can’t prevent them from happening. We are speaking about the windshield of course. Imagine you are in the middle of the journey and small rocks impacts on the car glass making a small crack. What would you do?

 As p...

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No Comments on Is Windshield Replacement Really Necessary When a Repair Will Do the Same Job for Less Money?

Have you ever been in a minor car accident that your insurance company does not want to cover? Did it leave your car less than showroom new? Every day vehicles get scratched, dented, and scraped in minor accidents. Many owners tolerate drivable vehicle damage because they don’t want to deal with high repair costs and the inconvenience of leaving their car in an auto repair shop for days.

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No Comments on What to Avoid before Visiting a Windshield Replacement Service

If the windshield of your car is visibly cracked, you should be very careful. Seeking the services of windshield replacement professionals is a must, because a broken windshield is one of the worst things that can happen to your car. In this article, we will share with you a few do’s and don’t’s that apply when your windshield is chipped or broken.


  • Measure the...
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No Comments on Are You Thinking of Putting Up Your Umbrella When Driving Your Car Due to the Leaks?

Most vehicles have at least one leak or many in one area, for instance, round a windshield. A small minority of cars could have many leaks, this is usually the case with vehicles that have had damage done to it or older cars where their seals or rubbers have broken down. Most times, you do not know there are extra leaks until the original ones are identified and repaired.

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No Comments on Weird Car Facts You Have Never Heard of

Instead of giving you tips on how to polish your car windows well, or how to keep them safe while driving, today we have decided to publish something more fun. We hope you, as our customers, will enjoy it and spend the next 10 minutes with a smile on your face. Here is our special selection of weird facts about automobiles in the US, which we have decided to share with you:

  • Close-up Of A Man Cleaning Car With Sponge1...
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No Comments on Maintaining the Windshield of Your Vehicle

The windshield is clearly an essential component of a vehicle; it protects the passengers and the driver from rain and wind, as well as debris, dust, and gravel, that may fly up off of the road. What is more, it also helps maintain the structural integrity of your automobile, as it keeps the frame in place. Superior glass shopSo, allowing your windshield to get damaged, or very dirty, can be a safety hazard. Bear in mind, that in some states, it is against the law to drive with a windshield that is not in good repair. Therefore, maintaining car windshields is an essential step in maintaining your vehicle.

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No Comments on Is Your Car Window Broken

If your cars window is electric, you may have problems opening it. If you push the button, and it does not move, there are some reasons why this happens. The mechanical system of the electric window is similar to the non-power one. The only difference being that it requires power to function. Sometimes the problem might be as simple as changing a fuse...

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No Comments on How to choose from different types of windshield glass?

Windshield glass is different from regular glass. Car windshields are specifically designed for the purpose of supporting the structure of the vehicle. That is why they contain a set of safety features and that is what makes them different from regular glass. There are two types of windshield glass. Windshields made out of laminated glass and windshields made out of tempered glass.

Laminated glass.
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No Comments on How to keep your auto window glass spotless?

The windshield of your car is exposed to all kind of debris, from dirt and bugs, to bird droppings. It is also very important to be cleaned properly because it can obstruct your visibility otherwise. With just few tips, you’ll be able to make any auto glass as clean as new.

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