What to Avoid before Visiting a Windshield Replacement Service

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If the windshield of your car is visibly cracked, you should be very careful. Seeking the services of windshield replacement professionals is a must, because a broken windshield is one of the worst things that can happen to your car. In this article, we will share with you a few do’s and don’t’s that apply when your windshield is chipped or broken.


  • Measure the crack. If it happens to be less than 12 inches long, it might be possible to go without the replacement and simply repair it. However, only a professional can do that, so make sure you have one in mind.
  • If you plan on driving the car before you replace or repair the windshield, make sure that the crack is not interfering with your view.
  • If your cracked windshield is exposed to huge amounts of sunlight for an extended period of time, the crack will most certainly go bigger. Make sure you park in shady areas.
  • Find the number of a reliable windshield replacement and repair professional. Do not make compromises here – you need the real deal, or the job won’t be done to your expectations.


  • The most important thing is to not ignore the problem. Even the smallest chips and cracks can spread and obscure your view. A big crack on your windshield is even considered a traffic violation in some states.
  • Don’t wash your vehicle if your windshield is cracked. If water gets inside the crack, it will most certainly grow bigger, and it will be a lot harder to repair.
  • Don’t attempt to drive the car if the crack is longer than 12 inches – keep in mind that the integrity of your windshield is compromised, and that may lead to many problems on the road.
  • Do not trust the repair or replacement of your windshield to a general mechanic. Such important tasks should be left to qualified auto glass repair specialists.

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