Frequently Asked Questions

 Where is your auto glass replacement company located? Do you provide your services in the surrounding areas?

 At A's Windshield Services, we are very happy to say that we can serve you no matter where in the region you need our assistance. Therefore, whether you need our assistance somewhere in Fort Worth, TX or in any of the nearby areas, the only thing you need to do is contact us.

 There are many companies that can repair or replace a windshield. Why should I choose you?

 We believe that there are two major reasons why you should choose us.

  •  Experience – with more than 20 years in the industry, we are confident to say that we have the skills to provide you with excellent results.
  • Rates – in our desire to please every client, we provide our windshield service at a price that is competitive and guaranteed to fit your pocket!

 How much will the windshield replacement cost me?

  The main factors that are included in the estimation of the price are:

  •  Year of manufacturing
  • Model
  • Brand
  • Type of glass (side, rear, or windshield)

Nevertheless, we are proud of the fact that our services come at competitive and reasonable rates.

  How should I prepare my car for the replacement?

 The glass should be perfectly cleaned first. However, since it is important for the glass to be dry too, you shouldn’t wash it before you visit our auto glass shop. Otherwise, it will be wet, and we won’t be able to start working on it.

 What will happen to the old window of my vehicle after the auto glass replacement service?

 As a responsible company, we dispose and recycle the glass. However, some customers prefer to take the broken glass after the installation of a new one. So, if you wish to keep it, make sure to tell us in advance so that we don’t throw it in the glass recycling container.

 How long will the windshield replacement or repair take?

 A standard repair takes around 30 minutes, and a full-scale replacement takes around an hour. Keep in mind that, for safety measures, the vehicle shouldn’t be driven for at least an hour after the service is performed.

 How do I know if the damage can be repaired or the glass should be changed?

 If the crack or chip is small, the glass can be repaired. Many consider the size of a coin to be a good measurement instrument. If the chip is bigger than a coin, in the most common case, the glass should be changed.

 I would like to hire you. What should I do if I need your windshield service?

 The fact that you consider us to be the right choice for you in Fort Worth, TX makes us proud. So, the only thing you should do if you wish to benefit from the excellent services of our company is call us. Keep in mind that you can also write us an emai through the contact form on our website.

 What should I do if I couldn’t find the answer to my question here?

 You shouldn’t hesitate to reach our auto glass shop today! At A's Windshield Services, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions. So, if you need more details about out work or a quote on a specific service, the only thing you need to do is reach us!